​​​Karin Sanders Fine Art

Marybeth Rothman

"I am always searching among my collection of orphaned, vintage photographs for the man with the averted eyes or the woman whose empty stare appears indifferent to communication beyond the lens. These unselfconscious expressions are emblems of the genuine self portraits and the inspiration for my work. This examination is motivated by a wish to reclaim these lost and forgotten souls by re-imagining their biographies.

I fabricate a memoir by weaving abstract encaustic painting and mixed media with photo collage. The integration of these disparate elements has become one brush to paint my portraits of strangers. The colors I choose and the lines and marks I make are influenced by the facial expression, the mouth, the eyes and the posture of the figure. I manipulate the photographs by exaggerating, adding or subtracting physical attributes and creating illusory collage detail to help realize the story. Every color, mark and photo collage that I add to the work is carefully considered to reveal a rich, personal history for the subjects from these abandoned photographs.

Over the years, the size of my paintings has increased as I realized that to fully understand the narrative of the portrait, the image had to envelop the viewer. In each series of paintings, I create a fellowship or community with an imagined geographic location or cultural bond."

                                                                                        -Marybeth Rothman