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Since 1991, Karin Sanders has worked closely with artists, private collectors, corporations and designers. She is a qualified curator and art historian who brings experience, skill and knowledge to her work.

Ms. Sanders began her career as a fine arts agent in 1991 working with artists on Long Island's east end. In the mid 1990's, she lived and worked in Europe before settling in New York City where she developed a corporate and private clientele with secondary market sales of artists such as Agnes Martin, Robert Rauschenberg, Sol LeWitt and many other important twentieth century painters and sculptors. Equally eager to work with select emerging artists as well as mid and advanced career contemporary artists, Ms. Sanders opened Karin Sanders Fine Art in 2006 on Main Street in Sag Harbor. KSFA received several awards and became critically acclaimed as a major contributor to the growing international scope of the Hamptons’ art scene. Those experiences fostered strong relationships with both collectors and artists, and have shaped Karin's current approach to the art world and virtual exhibition space.

Karin Sanders' knowledge of the international art market is further supplemented by a scholarly expertise in Fine Art. Graduating summa cum laude with a BA in Art History from Marymount College in Manhattan, she also holds a Master of Arts from the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University. At the IFA, she studied under such prominent figures as the late art historian and Curator of the Guggenheim Robert Rosenblum and former director of the Metropolitan Museum Philippe de Montebello. She is a specialist in Greek antiquities as well as 19th & 20th century American and European painting and sculpture. Her recent scholarship has focused on issues of patrimony - Who does Art belong to? - and on the History of Photography. She is Adjunct Professor of Art History at Marymount College, and in 2003 developed the online scholarly research mission, the Aspasia Project.

Karin is available by appointment for consulting as well as to arrange viewings of all our represented artists including studio visits.

Karin Sanders, Director & owner

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